Perfectly paint a skirting board

Need of painting the board

Almost all kind of wooden products face wear and tear. It may be because of the age of wood, climate or any other reason. Therefore, it is very important to paint them. You will maintain the softness of surface and increase the beauty of the painting; you are increasing the protective layer of skirtingboard against the weather.

Steps to paint them properly

It includes few simple step. Follow them carefully.

1. Picking color is very important. You should select the color by knowing the present shade. The lighter color is good for lighting. Darker color gives classy look to the house.

2. Use a brush with synthetic bristle and water paint to get a better result. As far as brush size is concerned, five to seven centimeter will do.

3. Cover your floor with the plastic seat. Apply an adhesive tape on the corners. It will help you to give a cleaner finish. It also saves you from cleaning the floor.

4. You have to dust off all the paint on the surface, which is falling. Then scrub the surface. It will increase the chance of paint staying on the board.

5. Wash your board with a solution, which will remove any residue.

6. Allow it to dry off and brush off any water drop.

7. Then dip your brush into the paint. You should dip until halfway point or just above it. By doing this you can apply, paint evenly.

8. Start from one corner. Move your brush up and down. Take more paint if the thickness is less. Continue the process until the end of the board. Check and fill, if you have left any spots on the board.

9. Then give a thin second layer coating. This will help paint to stick

10. Wait for few hours. Remove the sheet and tape.

Feeling after painting

You can smell paint until it is wet. Then you will notice a beautiful skirtingboard ,which has changed the look of the room. The freshness also affects the lighting. It definitely increases the beauty. It also increases the safety of the wood.